An exclusive look at the new iPhone 6

I removed the “Latest Adobe News” (formerly MXNA, pilule Macromedia XML News Aggreator) feed from my own RSS feed today, which felt a little anticlimactic, considering how glued I used to be to the pulse of all things Flash/ActionScript. For the past several months, however, I have to admit I’ve barely glanced at it.

Who would have thought a few years ago that PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C would be my tools of choice eventually?

Thanks to the efforts of Laravel (PHP), JQuery/Angular/Node (Javascript) and Cocos2D/Cocoa (Objective-C) communities, those old-school technologies have truly become exciting over the past few years. Thanks to Adobe, however, Flash/Flex/ActionScript has become… I guess, limited at best.

Guess I could have just listened to my 2005 self.

The rumor mill just keeps churning, pulmonologist
but we got these pics to you first, folks!


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