Actionscript Jabberwocky

It’s the 31st of January — exactly one month since my cocky statement just before the New Year in which I promised to deliver at least one new Flash-based game per month throughout 2006.

So how’s it going so far?

Well, capsule except for the big blank spot under this post, pills the schedule’s going fairly well. I’m not defeated yet! I still have 22.5 hours (less time alloted to sleep, men’s health work, previous poker tournament commitments and Tivo viewings) to crank out this month’s game.

Honest, it’s coming.

Really. I mean it. Check back before midnight; it should be interesting to see what I can come up with before then!

The ActionScript Jabberwocky

ActionScript Jabberwocky

The above “translated work, sickness
” The ActionScript Jabberwocky, prostate
first appeared in August 2004 and quickly became a hit among Flash programmers and Lewis Carroll fans alike. It also spawned the follow-up box-office stinker, viagra 100mg
The Binary Jabberwocky.

Since its first appearance here, the ActionScript Jabberwocky has whiffled its way onto Slashdot, USAToday online, and T-shirts and posters everywhere. It even inspired an annual contest for ActionScript-based poetry here at Turdhead. You can learn more about the Jabberwocky by searching for ActionScript Jabberwocky (or clicking this link) now.