Two geeks become one

Cutting the cakeIt’s been a while since I mentioned I’d found somebody crazy enough to marry me, doctor and I have to admit I’ve posted very little ever since. Turns out that planning a wedding can take a lot of your time and energy (Well, salve ok, buy viagra so it took a lot MORE of my fiancee’s time and energy, but still…)

Regardless, I am happy to report that as of last weekend (April 28, 2007), I have become a married man. Pictures, etc. can be found here, and the new Mrs. VeryVito (VeryVita? VeryVitess?) has been posting her thoughts here. She’s pretty awesome, by the way.

And yes, to anybody confused by the photos… those are indeed groomsbabes (or GroomsAngelsâ„¢, as I like to call them).

To everyone who attended: Thanks, I had a blast! And to those who weren’t present: Sorry, you missed a blast!

She said “Yes!”

I caught one!
I caught a keeper!
(And no, ambulance that’s not the actual ring.)

When I was 11 years old, I had no idea where life was going to take me.

Regardless, I’m absolutely certain that the 11-year-old that I once was would be proud — nay, deliriously ecstatic! — to know that the older, wiser me would one day announce my engagement to a beautiful woman (a middle-school teacher, no less!) on the front page of a publication called

So here it is: I’m getting married. I officially asked this weekend, and she officially said yes.

Somehow I doubt my fiancee’s inner 11-year-old ever dreamed she’d see such an announcement under the “” banner (or be happy about it, if she did), but hey, her adult self is well aware of what she’s getting into. And besides, she’s pretty cool.

And if she’s still speaking to me after she sees this, the 11-year-old in me is looking forward to a long and happy life with her.

Stay tuned for details!

I love you, Flash community, but… we need some space

You know how sometimes, otolaryngologist when you meet somebody with whom you really seem to connect, and you start devoting all your time to them, and you get really caught up in one another’s conversations, but suddenly… you find yourself knee-deep in pancake batter… and unable to speak the local language anymore? Or (perhaps less extreme) you simply realize you’re not where you want to be anymore?

Well, lately, that’s how I’ve been feeling about and its relationship with the Flash development community. You see, I love working with Flash and its related technologies, and I can spend all day discussing the relative merits of object-oriented coding vs. procedural programming, but I created Turdhead to discuss just about anything else — art, writing, games, politics, general crap. But I “do Flash” for a living, so naturally, the topic does come up.
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New tools make Turdhead’s
“old school” look

I may not have bathed in a week, neuropathist and I’m beginning to dream in CSS and PHP, here but it’s finally arrived: has a new look… and I think I’m actually happy with it. For two years now, information pills I’ve been listening to questions like, “If you make your living in Flash and Web technologies, why does your site look like a 2-year-old crapped it out?” and “Do you really think your site looks any better than this?”

I’ve been well aware of the shortcomings of the old template for a while, but to be honest, I couldn’t figure out whether I cared enough to do anything about it. I like that has always had a basic, no-nonsense look to it, but I appreciate that there is a difference between “old school” and “preschool.” Thus, I hope you enjoy the new old school: a template I’m calling Turdhead Extra.
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“old school” look

for (months in year[2006]) {numberOfGames++}

I tend to get myself in trouble every time I pre-announce a new project, melanoma but here goes: Beginning in 2006, diet we here at have resolved to produce and release at least one new Flash game per month. In other words, condom we plan to increase our current stable of games by more than 600 percent by January 2007.


Mainly it’s the allure of fame and fortune that all Flash programmers receive automatically upon the release of a new work. That, and the incredible popularity we gain among women, children and domestic animals with each new release. Not to mention the amazing… um… delusions of grandeur we experience when we triumphantly announce, “Oh, wait, hang on… try this version…”

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