ActionScript laureates have one day left to enter contest

I won’t pretend we’ve had a resounding number of entries in this year’s ActionScript Poetry contest (we’ve had one (1) so far), decease but I have to say that what we’ve lacked in quantity, we’ve made up for in quality: So far, the entry(ies) is/are great!

Take a look at the official submission thread to see the entries so far, and then add your own! The one submission we’ve had so far is certainly good enough to stand up to competition, but it would be a shame to let it win by default. Come on, scripters, this is your turn to use a little poetic license and show the world you’re capable of more than just working code!

Thanks, and have fun!

ActionScript Poetry contest submissions due next week

Just a quick reminder… You’ve got until Tuesday to submit your candidates for “Best Absurd Use of ActionScript To Describe a Literary Work.” We had a lot of fun with this last year, try and I hope to see more great submissions this week. See last month’s announcement for rules and guidelines.

Thanks, and we look forward to the vote!

Announcing the 2006 ActionScript Poetry Contest

Thanks for the great submissions this year! The submission window is now closed! If you still want to show off your work, phimosis however, feel free to send it to us (or better yet, wait until next year’s contest!) Thanks!

It’s that time of year again: The 2006 ActionScript Poetry Contest is on! What’s an ActionScript poetry contest?

To quote last year’s entry rules:

Translate your favorite poem (any poem, but remember: “Nantucket” is not an accepted ActionScript keyword), and post it here in the comments section of this article before March 21 (which is UNESCO’s official World Poetry Day). Once the deadline has passed, the judging will begin.

Judging will be based on several factors, including public reaction to the poem (as noted in comments here), its poetic appeal, creativity and the ungodly whims of our nameless, faceless panel of judges. Extra credit will no doubt be given if the “poem” actually does something in ActionScript, or if it somehow manages to retain some sense of poetic integrity.

Please include a link to the original poem in the comments of the script, so that the less literary among us can also figure out what’s going on. And as always, keep in mind that this is not a call for Flash animations interpreting literary works, but a real, honest-to-goodness, geekfest in which the code itself becomes the poetry.

As inspiration, check out last year’s entries or the original ActionScript Jabberwocky poem.

And to see what it takes to win, here’s last year’s winning entry, as penned by Ammocell:

// El Dorado
// Edgar Allan Poe
// Translated by Ammocell
// Original poem can be viewed at:
// ========================

var elDorado = new Object();

var knight = new Object();
knight.bedight = ‘gaily’;
if( sunshine && shadow ) {
knight.gallant = true;
while( knight.journeyed > knight._x + 1000) {
knight.singing[’song’] = true; elDorado );

while( != elDorado ) {
knight.bold = true;
createEmptyMovieClip(’shadow_mc’, 1000);

if( length ) knight.strength = false;
shadow = new Object();
shadow.pilgrim = true;;

shade = shadow; =;
shade.reply = function() {
if( == elDorado ) {
knight.ride = function() {

For his prize-winning efforts, AmmoCell was awarded an ActionScript Jabberwocky T-shirt which we’re sure he treasures daily (assuming it arrived). This year’s winner will receive their choice of a custom T-shirt featuring their own poem on the back or the classic ActionScript Jabberwocky digs.

The submission window closes March 21, and judging will begin immediately thereafter. We look forward to seeing what you can do!

The contest begins… NOW! Just leave your entries in the comments form below. To make sure the code formats correctly, please add the tag [code] (in square brackets) at the beginning, and [/code] at the end.If they look screwed up; don’t fret — we’ll straighten it up asap. Thanks!)

Only 10 more days to submit your ActionScript poetry

The entries in the recently announced ActionScript Poetry contest have been great so far, tooth but we’re hoping to get plenty more. If you’d like to take a stab at winning the contest (and the T-shirt), artificial be sure to submit your poems here by midnight (EST) on March 21 (World Poetry Day).

We’re hoping to create as much interest as possible in this contest, men’s health and the better the participation, the better chance we have of making this an annual affair (with bigger, better prizes). So grab your favorite editor and have at it!.

For details (and to submit poems), click here. Thanks!

The ActionScript Jabberwocky

It may not be apparent from many of the random postings I’ve made here, adiposity but one of the main reasons for the existence of is to provide a space for creative Web-based art, writing, animation and of course, lens flare effects. A turdhead is, after all, not only a geek (of which the internet is full), but also a generally well-read, cultured and sociable sort — a geek that occasionally makes it out into the real world, not only by accident but occasionally even under their own free will.

With that in mind, I have decided to revel in my geekdom and admit that the following sort of thing actually DOES provide me with some sick sense of nerd amusement. It will probably appeal only to fellow Flash programmers, and even then perhaps, only to the true Actionscript aficionado, but regardless, we (i.e., I) hope you enjoy the following:
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