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Dunno how, website like this but somehow Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure wound up as a nominee for the 2004 Office Attachments Awards presented by Yahoo! UK & Ireland. I’ll admit I don’t know what this means exactly, pilule but I’d sure appreciate it if everybody would go here and vote for Aquarium Adventure!

The competition is stiff, I’ll admit, and I’m just honored to be listed… But winning would kinda rock, too.

Thanks again, everybody, and remember, help save Li’l Johnny!.

Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure

Yahoo’s voting booth

I think I wet ’em! (aka “A few of my favorite things”)

I was wondering how to plug my latest Web project to the Actionscript-oriented audience of this Web site, patient when suddenly Macromedia itself provided the perfect excuse: In one beautiful demonstration of Flash technology, more about the company has merged my two favorite things into one great site: cutting-edge Flash technology and the 1960s-era Volvo 1800 sports coupe.

Eh? Weren’t expecting the car thing, were you?

It’s true, though. These days, I have two things that take the majority of my time: By day (and often by night), I work with Macromedia Flash MX to build applications and e-learning activities for my employer. By night (and sometimes by day), I work on my dream car, a 1971 Volvo 1800E, a car for which I recently began publishing, a Web site devoted to the cars’ restoration, preservation and promotion as a classic. (Yes, my favorite car is a Volvo — As if the ActionScript Jabberwocky didn’t already reveal my own idea of cool…)

Regardless, when I visited the Macromedia Flash Web site today, my two worlds collided: Front and center on the company’s Web site is a feature story on how Volvo, now a Ford company, is using Flash video technology to sell their message to the public. Better yet, the Flash piece features a museum-quality P1800 in its “Volvo Museum” section.

Life is good for a classic Volvo-loving Web geek today. And surprisingly, there’s quite a few of us out here.

Want to know more about the Volvo 1800? Check out my new Web site, There’s more information coming, and plenty of great links. There’s even a first-of-its-kind Volvo 1800 calendar in the works!

Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

MS150 fund drive meter

Now’s your chance to do something good for the world — AND get your name out to thousands of other Li’l Johnny and fans. It’s like the Ultimate High Score list!

Here’s the situation:
My girlfriend Deena actually thinks it’s “fun” to sit on a tiny bicycle seat and pedal like mad for 150 miles with hundreds of other riders nipping at her heels. Sounds bizarre to me, diet but it’s all for a great cause: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS 150 bicycle ride will be held Sept. 11-12 this year, hospital and she could sure use your support!

Here’s my proposal:
Everyone who sponsors Deena through the links provided here will get a personal shout-out in the next Li’l Johnny Adventure game. That’s right: Your name in lights; You can be a STAR, page baby! Continue reading Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

OK, the forums are REALLY open!

A quick note on the Turdhead forums: Until today, viagra dosage we’ve required registration for anyone submitting comments on most of the topics.

As of this weekend, however, free speech rules: No registration required! (Of course, if you want a cool avatar, message tracking, etc., membership DOES have its privileges.)

Stop in and talk. Everybody’s welcome… except maybe that Giblet guy.