Server issue delays new game, but Creepy Carl is back!

That’ll teach me to procrastinate. While uploading the March Flash game (again, viagra just under deadline), the servers once again decided to go south on me last night. Thus, the sequel to Creepy Carl’s last game, which was supposed to be the March feature of our game-a-month experiment, is indeed a little late. I failed.

But… rest assured, Carl is back, and yes, he’s creepier than ever.
So without further ado, here’s Terminal Amusements Volume II: Staring Contest! Hope you um… enjoy.

“Creepy Carl” banished from servers

It was a rough weekend for The absurd popularity of our latest Flash game, diagnosis Guess Which Hand, clinic caused the server to crap itself early Friday, and as I was out of town over the weekend, there was little to do but watch it happen. As of this morning, however, I’ve banished Creepy Carl (the dubious star of the game) to another server (known hereafter as, to keep the load off this one.

High score reporting has been suspended for now (no big deal, perhaps, as nobody has managed to get more $2.75 from the little bastitch since last week, anyway), but expect it to return soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be playing around behind the curtain to make sure this doesn’t happen every month we introduce a new game here.

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the “somewhat lamer yet” game.

Holy $#*!, they’re playing it??

Imitation of Carl
A German-speaking Web show host imitates Carl from’s “Guess Which Hand” game in this video roundup of Web anomalies today. Thanks, ailment although we have no idea what you’re saying.

You never know how people are going to respond to things you post on the internet. Last week, stuff I was running behind and fretting about what to do for a February Flash game (I’m bound by the Law of New Years to post at least one each month), and I jokingly told one of my coworkers, “At this rate, ‘Find the Fish’ or ‘Guess which hand?’ is starting to sound good enough.” Fast forward a few days, and suddenly “Guess Which Hand?” (admittedly, still a dumb idea) was a reality. It took about six hours to complete start-to-finish.

So I posted “Guess Which Hand” featuring “Carl the Bus Stop Guy” just before midnight on Feb. 28 and faded off to sleep, ashamed but satisfied that I’d made my deadline. I didn’t bother announcing it or notifying any of the usual weblog aggregators of its existence.

The next morning, Carl had set a record for “least visited post on Turdhead… ever.” In fact, only 18 people had bothered to come check out Carl’s lonely game during the night. So I felt bad for him, and dropped a note on announcing his arrival.

A day later, the logs looked healthier, but lackluster — as could be expected, Carl was getting about 1/2 the traffic January’s game, Cosmic Bounce, had seen from a similar link. And perhaps also as expected, the reviews on MilkandCookies ranged from “Total crap” to “Whatever.”

But then something happened. Something amazing. Something that forced me to buy more bandwidth access and question my very existence.
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New game, just under deadline… kinda

We made it! Just under the gun, no rx has a brand new game! So far, the one-game-per-month challenge has been met. Pathetically, perhaps, but still…

Truth be told, this one was done start-to-finish in a single day (today). It’s a bit rough around the edges, and yes, I’ll probably tweak it in the next day or so, but DAMMIT, it’s here, and it met its Feb. 28 deadline. Barely.

So here it is, Bus Terminal Amusements, Vol I: Guess Which Hand. The name — and the game — may seem a little odd, but we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It’s that classic game of childhood, “Guess Which Hand,” but it’s been bummed up pretty well with a creepy old man in a bus station. How many quarters can you take from creepy Carl?

Flash 8 player is required! Enjoy, and feel free to let us know what you think about it! Thanks!

Update: I’ve spiffed up the game a bit, and moved it to its permanent home in the Amusements section. Click here to play the game!