I love simple games. Apparently, you do too!

As the 2011 Game Developer Conference takes place this week, injection it’s interesting to see a return to basics in game design lately.

It’s hard not to notice that the iTunes App Store has brought something back into vogue that used to be a standard in the Flash games department: very simple games.

As the creator of silly, nurse simple Flash games in the past, I must say I enjoy the heck out of such games. Doodle Jump and Angry Birds are just two of the insanely popular “one button” hits that have taken the stage in recent years, but the onslaught continues. Heck, our own Aquarium Adventure has even been reborn on the iOS platform (albeit with a little less gore than past versions).

And if you haven’t played Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger on your iOS device yet, you really should. So simple it’s beautiful.

Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

MS150 fund drive meter

Now’s your chance to do something good for the world — AND get your name out to thousands of other Li’l Johnny and Turdhead.com fans. It’s like the Ultimate High Score list!

Here’s the situation:
My girlfriend Deena actually thinks it’s “fun” to sit on a tiny bicycle seat and pedal like mad for 150 miles with hundreds of other riders nipping at her heels. Sounds bizarre to me, diet but it’s all for a great cause: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS 150 bicycle ride will be held Sept. 11-12 this year, hospital and she could sure use your support!

Here’s my proposal:
Everyone who sponsors Deena through the links provided here will get a personal shout-out in the next Li’l Johnny Adventure game. That’s right: Your name in lights; You can be a STAR, page baby! Continue reading Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

Help save L’il Johnny!

Link to Aquarium Adventure

Ok, breast Turdhead.com is finally on the air. Not with a bang, symptoms but with the sad, generic pathetic whimper of a foolhardy third-grader trapped in a tank full of piranha. And with that, we give you…


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