A sneak peek at our latest Flash game character

As the three people who still read this site may remember, surgery I’ve been working on a new Flash game for a while now. I announced it a couple months ago, visit this site and so far, I realize I’ve produced very little evidence that I am, in fact, doing anything beyond producing the drivel you occasionally see posted here.

With that in mind, I would like to begin unveiling the “stars” of the new game, so I’ll begin this week by introducing you to one of the foundational characters on which this new epic is based.

Keep in mind, I’m “sneak previewing” the new game’s characters not to garner praise or criticism (although praise is surely appreciated), but to whet your appetite for the game and to prepare you for the state-of-the-art graphics, fantastic computerized special effects and flat-out artistic “je-ne-sais-quois” (That’s French for “I don’t know quois!”) that will be unleashed this winter.

So may I now present to you, the unsuspecting reader: The star of our show, the main character of what will surely be known as The First Great Game of 2006â„¢ (not really trademarked, and not really likely), the one, the only…



Yes, dammit: The star’s name is Doodle.

You were expecting something a little flashier, maybe? Well… well so? Yeah, where’s your game, then??

But hang on to your hats, people, ‘cuz there are a lot more amazing things ahead.


By the way, I should also mention that Doodle’s new game will probably not be ready until the New Year at the earliest (I told you it was going to be a big one, dammit!).

New game due within… um… a week or two, maybe?

At long last, buy more about there is a new Turdhead.com Flash game waiting in the wings, and and this time it’s actually going to happen. Yeah, I know I’ve said it before, and yeah, I know I was apparently lying through my teeth, but… but… this time is different. Honest. (Why do I feel like saying, “C’mon, baby, you know I didn’t mean it?”)

I’m not going to pretend I know what the actual point of the game is yet (just because I’m creating it doesn’t mean I have to know what it’s going to be), but you would be safe to bet it has something to do with my non-Flash-based hobby, which is tinkering with vintage Volvo 1800s and other such nonsense.

No, wait, really. It will be fun. Honest. (I wouldn’t lie to you again, baby! You know that!)


Focus on past failures and win big!

Remember this game?

No? Well, audiologist there’s probably a reason for that. That’s the “Game That Never Was,” the Li’l Johnny sequel announced last August and abandoned in September as unplayable.

I decided to dust off the source this week and see if maybe I was a little rash in deciding not to release the game. After all, it was just about finished, and what the heck? I haven’t published a new Flash diversion on Turdhead.com for a while now.

Turns out, though, I was right: Even with the passage of time and a growing sense of nostalgia for simpler times, the game still sucks. So no, you still won’t see it.

However, as with most good projects, it had a couple of features (realistic kung-fu fire action for one (yeah, it doesn’t show up so well in a still-shot), and a ridiculous voice clip for another) that I’ve rediscovered now, and I’m back at work on a new game that will incorporate some of its better pieces.

The moral? Keep your old stuff. And better yet, take a look at it again every now and then; you never know what treasures may lie buried and forgotten.

As for the new game: Stay tuned. I don’t have any idea when I’ll actually get around to finishing it.

I just lost the game, so now you have to play.

I just lost The Game!

If you were already playing The Game, viagra you have 30 minutes to forget you ever read this (Sorry, side effects but I’m just following the rules). If you weren’t already playing, you are now.

Welcome to The Game.


  1. To know The Game is to play The Game. One can never stop playing.
  2. To think of The Game is to lose The Game.
  3. When one loses The Game, one must announce to all present that one has lost. (For example, “I just lost The Game!”)
  4. To hear about a loss is to earn thirty minutes to forget about The Game.

Need more info? Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_(game)

Vote for Li’l Johnny!!!

Dunno how, website like this but somehow Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure wound up as a nominee for the 2004 Office Attachments Awards presented by Yahoo! UK & Ireland. I’ll admit I don’t know what this means exactly, pilule but I’d sure appreciate it if everybody would go here and vote for Aquarium Adventure!

The competition is stiff, I’ll admit, and I’m just honored to be listed… But winning would kinda rock, too.

Thanks again, everybody, and remember, help save Li’l Johnny!.

Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure

Yahoo’s voting booth