The most amazing game you’ll never play

Canceled game

So what are we looking at here?

Well, abortion it was supposed to be my best Flash game ever. In fact, youth health it had it all: particle-based special effects; a riveting backstory; beat-the-clock, prostate life-or-death action; and a lovable little rapscallion by the name of L’il Johnny. In short, it was supposed be the next Li’l Johnny Adventure.

So what happened? Well, to be blunt: It bores the crap outta me, and therefore, I ain’t letting anybody else play it, either!

Technically, the new game is pretty much done, and technically, it’s a marvel: endless multi-level play, impressive special effects, the works! But technically, it’ll also put you to sleep in five minutes flat. So rather than bang my head against the wall trying to force some fun into this beast — or worse yet, ask people to actually try playing it — I’m going to let it die peacefully in its sleep. I won’t subject you to “Li’l Johnny’s Rent-Controlled Apartment Adventure,”(See? Even the working title is boring!), and I’m turning my attention to a better, less ambitious project.

In fact, another game is coming right behind it (a simpler, better-than-burning-buildings game, at that!). And yes, everyone who donated to Deena’s MS 150 ride will get a role in the new game, too — and I’m sure they’ll like it even better! After all, who wants to star in a stinker?

Eventually, perhaps, I’ll find a use for some of the many neat things this game had in it. Perhaps not.

Meanwhile, on to smaller, better things.

Li’l Johnny a trojan? Not hardly.

I’ve received several emails lately claiming that our beloved Li’l Johnny was trying to install something nasty on peoples machines. Obviously, treatment I was stumped — until a few minutes ago, medic when someone sent me a message saying that the bug was listed as “Exploit-InvCSS” (an IE stylesheet bug documented here:

Now I have to laugh, visit this but I’ve grudgingly changed the system so this doesn’t become an issue. As it was, this “feature” — which is caused by a malformed stylesheet being sent to IE — only presented itself when a user attempted to access the high-score server WITHOUT running the Li’l Johnny swf (i.e., they were trying to hack the high-score system! That is, they were cheating. And they got caught. And they wet themselves like frightened little girls.).
Continue reading Li’l Johnny a trojan? Not hardly.

Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

MS150 fund drive meter

Now’s your chance to do something good for the world — AND get your name out to thousands of other Li’l Johnny and fans. It’s like the Ultimate High Score list!

Here’s the situation:
My girlfriend Deena actually thinks it’s “fun” to sit on a tiny bicycle seat and pedal like mad for 150 miles with hundreds of other riders nipping at her heels. Sounds bizarre to me, diet but it’s all for a great cause: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS 150 bicycle ride will be held Sept. 11-12 this year, hospital and she could sure use your support!

Here’s my proposal:
Everyone who sponsors Deena through the links provided here will get a personal shout-out in the next Li’l Johnny Adventure game. That’s right: Your name in lights; You can be a STAR, page baby! Continue reading Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

OK, the forums are REALLY open!

A quick note on the Turdhead forums: Until today, viagra dosage we’ve required registration for anyone submitting comments on most of the topics.

As of this weekend, however, free speech rules: No registration required! (Of course, if you want a cool avatar, message tracking, etc., membership DOES have its privileges.)

Stop in and talk. Everybody’s welcome… except maybe that Giblet guy.