Holy $#!?, Adobe. What happened to you (Again…)?

Well, drug they pulled the update, about it but the damage is done: Never, adiposity ever, trust an update from Adobe.

I’ll admit, I’ve been out of the Adobe world for some time now. Once a die-hard fan of Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and, above all, Flash, I eventually soured on Adobe’s inability (or unwillingness) to fix longstanding bugs, its incessant feature creep and bloated software packages, and — the final nail — its insane monthly subscription model for its Creative Suite products.

I found amazing replacements for all these packages and technologies eventually, though, so yes, I quit paying attention to the company altogether about four years ago.

But I figure it’s worth mentioning last week’s utter sh!t-storm, which was caused by the company’s apparent notion that users would not possibly store files on their hard drives other than those sanctioned and/or created by Adobe itself. Somehow, an Adobe updater took it upon itself to >delete unknown files from the user’s root disk directory</strong> — without asking, and for no damned reason.

So glad I abandoned Adobe tools now. How the #@^! is it OK to delete user files, let alone root-level ones? That’s not just arrogance, Adobe; that borders on criminal negligence.

For more info on this act of idiocy by a company that long-ago burned the last ounce of trust I ever had in it, check out any of the following posts:

Full disclosure: Yes, I still use my licensed copy of CS 5.5, and it still seems to work. Creative Suite was once pretty impressive.

Why Turdhead has been mighty quiet lately

The fact that articles like this can be written without one’s tongue firmly planted in one’s cheek says a lot about how misguided and broken Adobe’s vision of the future seems today.

Momma always said, pharmacist “If you can’t say something nice about someone, this just don’t say anything.”

That pretty much sums up why Turdhead.com has been collecting cobwebs in recent years: After years of touting the virtues of Macromedia/Adobe Flash (even sponsoring an ActionScript Poetry contest and actively working to get support for the language into cross-language programming editors), buy information pills I guess I decided I had nothing nice left to say about the product and company that once brought me so much joy, riches and enthusiasm.

I’ve been working a lot lately with Objective-C, HTML5 and JavaScript development (among other things, replacing a lot of now-legacy ActionScript code), and while it doesn’t thrill me in the way ActionScript did in its day, it’s not burdened with unfixed and compounding bugs such as those that live in the tools available from Adobe today.

That’s right: I’d rather float a <div> in IE6 than have to deal with Flash CSx’s penchant for crashing on save or Photoshop’s inability to respect its own preference settings.

Turdhead.com will eventually become useful again… but if you’re expecting more ActionScript/Flash love from this site, you may want to go ahead and remove it from your RSS feeds.


My site is very cognitive, and i have a good future

An article I recently posted on another site just found its way into geek-chic Make Magazine‘s blog for Do-It-Yourself-ers‘. As a geek-for-all-seasons, health system I can’t help but be tickled about this.

The article includes plans for a “ramp pit” that allows easy access to the underside of one’s automobile. When built correctly — and used with caution and a willingness to lose a limb or two in the quest for automotive Nirvana — the ramp works out well. Still, most code monkeys — including me — should not try building this at home! I just posted it here to scream “Look at me!” to the two people who are tired of waiting for a May update to Turdhead.com

So, um… look at me! Again.

It’s true. I have hundreds of unsolicited, unread and unpublished comments from people — and no doubt, machines — who tell me so every day. They apparently think that by stringing together random words and phrases they’ve stolen from other people’s private data files, they’ll fool the spam filters and get their important ads for Viagra and hardcore erotic comics (what the hell?) out to the world.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate spam and the miserable, soulless little sh*t-eaters who send it?

Isn’t there some way we can legalize voluntary manslaughter just for these twits?

I’m just sayin’…

@!$!!. They got me!

Update: The site is slowly getting back to normal, unhealthy but unfortunately, ambulance comments are not working at all. They pretend to be, dermatologist but they’re not. I suck. Stay tuned for details.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a server hacked by script kiddies, but as you can tell by the “plain ol’ vanilla” look and feel of the site today, Turdhead.com is in the process of rebuilding. Stay tuned as I try to get the real Turdhead.com back up and running. Meanwhile, enjoy this, um… much prettier version of it. Hmmph.