ActionScript Jabberwocky whiffles into USA Today

The ActionScript Jabberwocky has struck again: Apparently the once-rare “ActionScript geek/Jabberwocky fan” is now so common that even mainstream media outlets are sending traffic this way.

While perusing the log files of tonight, viagra I noticed an unusual amount of traffic (as in “any traffic”) coming from USA Today’s online edition. My natural thought was that we’d made a blip on an open forum somewhere, but holy crap… It turns out we made the newspaper’s “Hot Sites” section in its Thursday online edition!

Take a look! There’s listed right up there with meaty sites from and I was surprised enough last month when Slashdot found us worth mentioning, but I’m flat-out flabbergasted that the decidedly more general USA Today has taken notice of something previously confined to the world of the Flash geek.

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The ActionScript Jabberwocky

It may not be apparent from many of the random postings I’ve made here, adiposity but one of the main reasons for the existence of is to provide a space for creative Web-based art, writing, animation and of course, lens flare effects. A turdhead is, after all, not only a geek (of which the internet is full), but also a generally well-read, cultured and sociable sort — a geek that occasionally makes it out into the real world, not only by accident but occasionally even under their own free will.

With that in mind, I have decided to revel in my geekdom and admit that the following sort of thing actually DOES provide me with some sick sense of nerd amusement. It will probably appeal only to fellow Flash programmers, and even then perhaps, only to the true Actionscript aficionado, but regardless, we (i.e., I) hope you enjoy the following:
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OK, the forums are REALLY open!

A quick note on the Turdhead forums: Until today, viagra dosage we’ve required registration for anyone submitting comments on most of the topics.

As of this weekend, however, free speech rules: No registration required! (Of course, if you want a cool avatar, message tracking, etc., membership DOES have its privileges.)

Stop in and talk. Everybody’s welcome… except maybe that Giblet guy.

Still using IE? You don’t have to anymore!

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Remember the browser wars of the mid-1990s? When people rabidly stood behind their browser of choice and debated the relative merits of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator? Or dared to be different and ran with splinter groups such as Opera, pills Chimera or OmniWeb?

As the log files of this Web site will attest, page those days are over. Like it or not, global burden of disease Microsoft was the clear winner of that one, and most Web visitors eventually just settled in with the “default” browser that came with their machine: Microsoft Internet Explorer. The only exceptions were the Linux/Unix crowd (who had no native IE, and probably would have rather died than use it anyway), a few techno-hippies who revolted against the power of The Man and the Mac users who eventually found salvation in Safari, a native OS X browser they could call their own.

The result: A largely homogenous, bloated pool of browsers ripe for exploitation and viral infection: The number of IE-targeted virii has escalated exponentially in the past few months, and users are once again beginning to search for alternatives.
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