ReplayTV vs. Tivo: Should I care?

I have to confess to a weakness in my geekness: Although I readily admit to being a geek of the first magnitude, pills I cannot be considered — in any way — to be an “A/V geek.”

I simply have no knowledge of — and really, mind no interest in — whether the Tritanica XLG AirWoof 9000 Multimedia Transceiver with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Steel-belted orange peeler is really any better than the second generation Blastfactory OmniHD Pro Z3 Handheld Video Duplitasticator. But sometimes I want to know.

That said, anybody got any preferences when it comes to choosing between Tivo or ReplayTV (or some other DVR technology) for recording reruns of House and 24? I’m not looking for the latest, greatest thing; I just want to come home and watch Monk on those occasional nights when I forget to program the Betamax.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!