Cosmic Bounce

Almost more screensaver than video game, Cosmic Bounce is to Web-based games what salami is to manhole covers: Zen.

Please note that the Flash 8 player is required to play Cosmic Bounce. If you don’t see the game above, please visit Macromedia to update your current version of the Flash Player. We understand the Flash 8 player is currently only available for certain platforms, and we apologize for excluding anyone (Linux users, for instance) with this release. Please contact Adobe/Macromedia with any concerns about Flash 8 availability.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the game!


7 thoughts on “Cosmic Bounce

  1. Naphthalene says:

    Frickin’ sweeet, man! Frickin’ sweet!

  2. VeryVito says:

    By the way, some people have been curious about the groovy tunes featured in Cosmic Bounce. To learn more about the artists, check out Bounce Interactive Audio.

  3. Peppermint Patty says:

    Anybody made it past 13900 yet? That’s my top so far. Dang purple balls.

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