Guess Which Hand

Creepy Carl, injection the bus stop guy, order has a game he finds amusing: He asks strangers and friends alike to guess which hand he’s hiding his quarter in. Every time you guess right, stuff you get another quarter; every time you’re wrong, he takes them all back.

You can stop any time you’d like, but the more you play, the more you can win — and lose! Can you get more coins than the last guy… and can you keep them?

Flash 8 player is required! Enjoy, and feel free to let us know what you think about it! Thanks!


30 thoughts on “Guess Which Hand”

  1. I kind of like Carl, but it would be better if we knew the current high score before playing so we know what we’re up against. Otherwise, it’s annoying but addictive. Kudos! (And you made your deadline, I see!)

  2. Ask and ye shall receive, Shenandoah! We’ve added the current high score to the opening screen; hope this helps. We’re proud (ok, ashamed) to announce that as of this writing, “Guess Which Hand” is officially ranked “Whatever” at This may sound bad, but it’s a big improvement from its previous ranking of “Sucks.” Thanks, supporters!

  3. wtf is up with this game, all i’m seing is this black piece of shit in the middle with some doodle above it thats waving around! the only think i can click is the board saying” click to claim this much–>”

  4. THE GAME DOSNT EVEN WORK NOOBS! ist all black and you can turn on the light but nothing happens…………

  5. This game really sucks and i think who ever came up with this game should spoon their eyes out!!!!!!

  6. ITs cool when u click one hand but he opens another….that was awesome. This way you can never really win

  7. Do i really give 2 shits what this freak is rambling? no…this is pointless, the shit doenst even work! great job on this one… encore…

  8. You do understand that if you talk shit about carl he will seek out your children and molest them, right?

  9. What part of YOU NEED FLASH 8 for the game to work don’t you rejects understand . . .

  10. Yeah for real man i guess i am not into this game cause i don’t even know how the hell to start……

  11. I have Flash 8, but there is a long delay after I click “claim this much”. Also, I can’t hear him rambling at the start. Pretty funny concept, though.

  12. Maybe you should include some kind of flash detection, so ppl who dont read instructions wont get confused when it doesn’t work. FlashObject is very nice, and includes ExpressInstall support.

  13. Mike Hock, Thanks for the notice. Yeah, the servers have been taking a beating this week, so the delays are a bit much. Love him or hate him, Carl’s proven to be more popular than I ever thought he could be.

  14. This game is very addictive…but the rambling is sort of annoying. I also don’t understand the long pauses between clicking the hands before he says “try again”. I think the game would appeal to a lot more people if that problem was fixed.

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