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JEdit and ActionScript:
The collected files

placeLogo(‘jedit’); This page is intended to act as a clearinghouse for files developed to enhance ActionScript programmers’ experiences with the jEdit open-source editor. Many of these files are discussed in more detail in’s ongoing series of articles discussing jEdit, cure but readers are encouraged to submit their own macros, plugins, links or other tips as well.

It is our goal to create a following for jEdit among ActionScript programmers (particularly those using OS X), as the editor is one of the few “newbie-friendly,” cross-platform environments that can be used for practically any programming language, and can be made to shine as a customized AS editor. Unlike Eclipse, jEdit is an editor (not an IDE), and therefore allows you to work your way. Give it a try with these additions, and we think you’ll be impressed!


Unless otherwise noted (e.g., within an attached README.txt file), the following files should be unzipped and their contents placed in your jEdit macros directory. These were written with OS X in mind, but should work fine on other platforms so long as they are edited as indicated.

ActionScript 2 context-sensitive help
ActionScript 3 context-sensitive help
Flex SDK context-sensitive help (from Ali Rantakari at
Test the current script within the Flash IDE (Note, this has been updated to include Flash CS3 error trapping for debugging ActionScript within jEdit. The original files, which do not include this functionality (and should work with previous versions of Flash), can be found here.

Plugins and enhancements

OS X look-and-feel enhancements

The following file should be placed in your $JAVA_HOME/Home/lib/ext directory to improve the look of the jEdit interface on OS X:

OS X icon pack to better integrate the editor with OS X

ActionScript 3 edit mode

An ActionScript 3 edit mode was created by Jesús Gollonet, who created and hosts the file on his site:

ActionScript code browsing through the Sidekick panel

These steps are explained in more detail in this article, but the following steps should turn the Sidekick panel into an extremely helpful ActionScript code-browsing panel:

  1. Download and unpack ctags with ActionScript support (OS X) or ctags with ActionScript support (Win) and place the ctags file in your executable path.
  2. Install the CtagsSidekick plugin through jEdit’s Plugin Manager and change the Sidekick plugins’ settings to use Ctags to parse ActionScript
  3. Install the optional icon sets. Instructions are included within the zip file.

The jEdit series on

ActionScript 3 edit mode (Same as above)

Flex SDK context-sensitive help (Same as above)


7 thoughts on “jEdit files”

  1. hey thanks for the great tips (and link 🙂 )

    I’m working on some abbreviations for superabbrevs. I’ll share when finished.

    Btw, I’m using your tips on a pc… if you want me to send the slight changes to you…)


  2. That would be great, Jesús! (For those who don’t know, the Superabbrevs plugin acts much like TextMate’s snippet functionality.)

    I’ve still got a few tricks yet to perfect and share, too — This has turned out to be more useful than I expected.

  3. Nice work, thank you. Do you know if it’s possible to implement code completion for Actionscript 3 core classes, actionscript source files, or swc libraries?

  4. Hi Peder: Yes, it’s definitely possible, but as far as I know, it’s yet to be done.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one working on such a thing, though, and it’s surely just a matter of time before we get there. It’s a big order, and my Java skills are certainly not much to write about, but the more I wade into this project, the more I see its possibilities.

    Stay tuned…

  5. I would recommend TextAutocomplete. It collects words from current buffer (opened file) and displays them in inline popup. Greatly speeds up conding.

  6. I would also recommend TextAutocomplete plugin. It collects words from current buffer (opened file) and displays them in inline popup. Greatly speeds up conding.

  7. Hi! And thanks for all the good articles on ActionScript and Jedit. However I got an problem…When I downloaded ctagsWithActionScript and tried to unpack it I got an Error.
    I on Ubuntu but it shouldn’t make any differens should it?


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