4 thoughts on “Staring Contest

  1. Naphthalene says:

    Either you’ve taken your little 4/1 joke a little too far, or you’re experiencing more “server problems” than you realized…

  2. VeryVito says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to wonder about the stability of my hosting companies. I’ve spent most of the last month just trying to make sure Turdhead is online, and it seems that more often than not, it hasn’t been. The Staring Contest game is hosted on yet another server, and now that one appears to be crapping itself as well. As I’m neither a funded dot-com nor a particularly caring person, all I can say is “screw it.” This is the reason I got out of the Web game four years ago.

    If you’re lucky enough to catch Creepy carl when he’s online, I hope you enjoy his game. If not, well… write your Congressman.

  3. Naphthalene says:

    Oh look! There he is!

    And, for the record, I did in fact pilfer his bologna sammich. It tasted like roaches and feet.

  4. VeryVito says:

    Yeah… It does.

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