Giving NC’s newest amendment the respect it deserves

Revised seal of state of North Carolina

In deference to the squeamish voters who passed North Carolina’s first marriage amendment since the one banning marriage between “whites and negroes, generic ” I have taken the Liberty of modifying the Great Seal of the State of North Carolina. You may relax now, troche knowing that marriage is once again sacred.

Thanks to all who shared/liked the Anti-Amendment One image I posted this week. It’s been shared hundreds of times now, this web and the response has been great (It even shows up in the first 10 Google Image Search results for “Great Seal of North Carolina” now).

Please keep in mind, though, that despite the embarrassment of this outcome, the people who voted FOR the amendment are not monsters, and they are not enemies. In fact, I know many people that I (and most likely, you) love dearly — friends and family members — probably voted for this law with the belief that they were truly doing the right thing. I love them all, despite our differences.

In time, they’ll come to understand the error of giving State Government dominion over matters of personal faith and family life, but for now, the rest of us can work to reverse the law itself. In the mean time, don’t hate your neighbors.

Most didn’t understand the implications of this “simple amendment” which denies more than 1,000 legal rights and responsibilities to parents in thousands of NC homes. Some were misled by poorly chosen political and spiritual leaders with power and profit in mind. Some just wanted to keep the peace and voted what their spouses did.

And of course (I’m not an idiot), some are just homophobic assholes who can’t butt out of other people’s business.